Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping

facial-cupping-acupuncture-carly-samishFacial cupping is a relaxing and gentle treatment for facial rejuvenation and the relief of jaw and facial pain. By moving and draining the lymph fluid of the face and neck it increases circulation to improve skin health.

Facial cupping is based on the negative-pressure technique of therapeutic cupping, using very small glass cups to rhythmically and gently vacuum tissues of the face and neck, relaxing the muscles and opening up knots in the connective tissue.
Facial cupping gently brings more circulation of blood to the skin, increases lymphatic flow. This
can result in reduction of inflammation, redness, puffiness, fine lines and congestion in the face and neck.

The benefits of treatment are generally accumulative, with each session giving more noticeable results in skin wellness.

Facial cupping may also be used to address jaw pain or tension, headaches, and to drain congestion in the sinuses.
There is typically no sha (discoloration) that appears on the face with facial cupping, especially when it is used for skin wellness and rejuvenation. For more information about cupping and sha see this article.

If the session is addressing TMJ symptoms, headaches or chronic sinus congestion some sha may appear due to the therapeutic level of work. Your massage therapist will discuss all these considerations together to
ensure an optimal treatment.