Non-Inserting Needles

Non-Inserting Needles

acupuncture teishin carly-samishIf you’ve heard about the benefits of acupuncture treatment but feel a little wary of needles, there is some good news. First is that acupuncture needles are hair-thin, flexible, and designed to glide into spaces to gently stimulate the body’s functions, not pierce through tissues to draw blood.

Second is that there are many ways to deliver an acupuncture treatment without penetrating the skin at all.

The use of specialized tools to activate the acupoints of the body is as ancient as the practice of inserting needles. One of the oldest books of acupuncture called the Ling Shu describes the tools of the trade as nine different types of needles, only one of which was actually meant to pierce through the skin.

The use and technique of non-inserting needles and specialized metal tools to stimulate acupuncture points has been preserved and mastered in the many schools of traditional Japanese medicine.

Currently there are modern techniques such as laser acupuncture, color therapy, vibrational tuning forks, and the use of essential oils  to stimulate the acupoints.


acupuncture-teishinAt Blue Fire Healing Arts we use teishin needles, elegant non-inserting tools made from copper, silver or gold, to gently stimulate acupuncture points, relieve muscle tension and knots, and to help balance the whole body.

Teishin treatment can address muscle tension, pain, and physical or mental stress. The teishin may be used at the beginning of the massage session to address underlying energetic imbalances, or during the session to focus on muscle knots or areas of stubborn tension.

The pressure is usually very light and the treatment is subtle but effective and most patients report feeling very relaxed and more in their body after being treated with the teishin.